Advent Calender

1 December 2019  |  Rachel

Wow, my first time making an Advent Panel and that was a LOT easier than I thought it was going to be, now I just need to grab a bit of dowelling and some nice ribbon to hang it!

I picked the Joli Noel Advent Panel from Dashwood Studios, it probably took me 4 hours to make, but that's with working out what i'm doing time, could probably do it 2-3 hours if I did it again.

The Panel has brief instructions on it on how to put it together, you cut the pockets off in 1 long strip, hem the top to make the pocket edge, and then fold the edges to make Box Pleats, pin and stitch to the main panel. It can be a little fiddly while you work out the pleats but then it's easy to repeat. 

I also used some white microfleece inside to give it some body and backed it with Merry Scatter Cotton, you could back it with a FQ if you are careful.