Featured Products
Raspberry Spot Cotton

Raspberry Spot Cotton£2.45  -  £9.80

By Makower

Bias Binding Cotton

Bias Binding Cotton£0.40   £0.20


By Berties Bows

Dimple Dark Lime Plush

Dimple Dark Lime Plush£0.46  -  £15.50


By Shannon Fabrics

Dimple Azure Plush

Dimple Azure Plush£0.46  -  £15.50


By Shannon Fabrics

Cloud 152

Cloud 152£2.05  -  £8.20


By Robert Kaufman

Bright Blue Spot Lace Edge Bias

Bright Blue Spot Lace Edge Bias£0.95

By Rooftop

Star Embossed Banana Plush

Star Embossed Banana Plush£1.71  -  £16.60

By Shannon Fabrics

Wedding Bliss Dove Cotton

Wedding Bliss Dove Cotton£2.00  -  £8.00


By Benartex


Welcome to Rooftop Fabrics, your one stop online fabric supplier for high quality cotton, plush, cuddlesoft, fleece, flannel, chiffon, lycra/spandex, jersey knit and lace fabric, along with a well-stocked haberdashery where you'll find Moon and Maxi Lock thread, various elastics, KAM Snap fasteners, interfacing, hook and loop, ribbon plus various high quality tools and accessories. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to buy small cut cotton textiles for patchwork quilting, or larger cotton cuts for curtains or bigger projects, fat quarters for craft projects or some faux fur plush or cuddlesoft for a cuddly toy, you’ll find high quality big brand fabrics to suit your needs in our online shop.

If you’re new to fabrics and are wondering exactly what is plush fabric, want to know how to sew with jersey or cuddlesoft, need advice on buying complementing cotton colours or just want to share ideas and makes, please come and say hello on our Facebook page. There you'll also find information on any current discount codes and special offers.